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Newspaper carrier, grocery store clerk, surveyor, foundry worker, machinist (International Harvester), carpenter, brakeman and conductor (Illinois Central Railroad) house painter, dock worker, truck driver, airline ramp agent, operations manager (FedEx Express), airline flight dispatcher, area general manager (General Electric), motorcyclist, skydiver, hunter, fisherman, photographer….Mississippi author Rick DeStefanis brings a lifetime of experiences to his writing.

scan0019---CopyA military veteran and former paratrooper who served with the 82nd Airborne Division from 1970 to 1972, Rick is an avid outdoorsman and wildlife photographer who brings these and many other life experiences to his writing. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Rick now lives in northern Mississippi with his wife Janet.

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Rick on Writing

silver-shiny-webWriting, like an insidious disease, can infiltrate one’s very being. It has mine, and two things make me grumpy: not enough coffee and not having time to write. It began when I returned to school back in the late eighties. There was a gentle and encouraging old professor I met in one of my adult classes who told me I should write. His name was Galen Drewry. Galen is gone now, resting on a hill in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, but the legacy of his influence lives on.

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