What’s Next?

Another Western Novel or Another Novel in The Vietnam War Series?


In recent weeks I’ve heard from several readers asking “What’s next?” And the questions come from both the readers of my Vietnam War Series and readers of my newest novel, Rawlins, No Longer Young. The problem is I lack the talent to write two novels simultaneously. There are most certainly (God willing) two coming, one in each of the genres, but I beg your patience.

Rawlins, No Longer Young is available in Kindle, paperback and hardcover editions.

I am currently working on the second Rawlins book, Rawlins, Into Montana. It’s now up to four chapters and Rawlins has arrived in Virginia City, Montana. There’s more I could tell you about the story, but don’t want to ruin it for you, especially if you haven’t read the first one in the series. Optimistically, it may be out by late summer, after which I will begin on Book #5 in The Vietnam War series.
The next Vietnam Series book is already working in the back of my mind and will be a tip of the hat to several readers/friends who are former military officers. That is the most I will say about it right now.
In the meantime, I continue providing logistical assistance as assistant general manager to the madam queen in the form of “honey-dos.” And in an effort to help me remain in some vague semblance of passible physical condition, she’s joined me to the local YMCA. I also continue to do my own yardwork (to help with the physical conditioning) and of course, there are fish that must be caught. After those chores are attended to, I commit a great deal of the remaining time to writing. Therefore you will hopefully understand my inability to produce a book a month like some other authors.
I will be announcing a new cover for Tallahatchie in a few days. Stay tuned.

New Cover For Melody Hill

A Snapshot of The Melody Hill Story

First and foremost, a request:  If you have already read Melody Hill (or for that matter—any of my books) and haven’t yet written and posted your review on Amazon and Goodreads, I really wish you would consider doing it now. Your support and your review can make a difference.

Now, on to the latest blog post: Fantastic cover designer, Todd Hebertson (his contact info is included below), has designed a new cover for the Third Edition of Melody Hill, Book #1 in the Vietnam War Series. Also, a new,  more descriptive and concise book summary has been written for the back cover and for booksellers’ such as Amazon and Ingram to use on their sites.

The new story summary is as follows:

When Army sniper Duff Coleridge is recruited into a CIA advisor’s Special Operations Group in Vietnam, he little realizes how much of his soul he will be required to sacrifice. Vietnam is a world away from Melody Hill, his home in the mountains of east Tennessee, and Duff quickly finds the clear moral lines of life back home are blurred in the glare of an enigmatic war. His CIA boss, who seems more rogue than company man, is dealing arms on the black market while delivering a seemingly arbitrary and ruthless justice to the local populace. When Duff meets and falls in love with a beautiful young South Vietnamese woman, Lynn Dai Bouchet, he is left to his own instincts to decide if her advances are based on true affection or are merely a means of exploitation. Is she a Vietcong spy, as his CIA boss claims, or is she someone like himself, trying to do her part while making the best of a bad situation? Duff soon realizes he must get out before it’s too late, but only then discovers he is already trapped in a lethal game of cat and mouse.

The next project will be to work with Todd to redesign the cover for my Southern Fiction novel, Tallahatchie. The story summary will be updated for that one as well, along with some interior text edits. This will be the second edition for Tallahatchie when it is completed.

Check out more of Todd’s work at BookCoverArt.webs.com and please send me your comments.

How About a Western?

Rawlins: An update on the latest work in Progress

Rawlins is the tentative title for the novel I am now writing. I don’t want to give away too much, but here’s a brief outline: The story begins in West Tennessee during the last full year of the American Civil War and eventually leads westward to the Oregon Trail. The protagonist, Virgil Rawlins, is a seventeen-year-old boy who finds himself un-expectantly slapped in the face with the reality of war, death, and loss. With an animus-driven by the deaths of friends and family, he seeks those responsible. The question becomes: Does Rawlins follow in the footsteps of other infamous outlaws of the time (James, Younger, etc.), or will he survive his quest without appearing on a wanted poster? To tell his story with historical accuracy is requiring quite a bit of research. My hope is that it may lead to a series, but that’s tentative. And, as always, yes, it’s also a love story.
I still owe my ‘Vietnam War Series’ readers another book, which I will begin writing later in the summer. In related news:

The new hardcover edition of Valley of the Purple Hearts with BIB Award.

A hardcover edition of the latest novel, Valley of The Purple Hearts, is now published. Special thanks to interior designer Carol Carlson who did a great job. The hardcover edition of this “Best Indie Book” award winner for literary fiction is now available on Amazon.com. If you wish to receive a signed copy, contact me directly with your name and mailing address. The book retails for $38.95 plus postage. I will sign, package and mail a copy to you for $42.00. Be sure to include the name of the person for whom you want the book signed (exactly as you want it to appear). Since packaging and mailing books isn’t something I want to do long-term, I will limit this offer to the months of March and April 2018.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch: The February monsoon ended here in North Mississippi. That wasn’t necessarily because it stopped raining but rather the month ended. I think we had somewhere around twelve to fourteen inches of rain in February. Knowing it could have been much worse with things like tornados, snow, etc. you will hear no complaints from me. However, a little sunshine for a while would be nice.

As always, putting your written reviews of my books on Amazon makes me very happy, as does seeing your comments here on the site. Best wishes to all.


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