Miss Molly’s Final Mission

Miss Mollys Final Mission book cover c47 flying in sky with flak bursts around it and paratroopers in background

Crop-duster pilot and thirty-one-year-old Vietnam War veteran, Buddy Rider, puts all his trust in Miss Molly when he is talked into a dangerous mission in the jungles of Central America. Reluctantly partnering with recent college grad and former anti-war activist, Elizabeth Anderson, Buddy must pilot his World War II era military transport into a remote airstrip in war-torn 1981 El Salvador. Their hope is to rescue missionaries and orphans held against their will by government troops in a mountain village. Despite Elizabeth’s fractious and outspoken behavior, Buddy is compelled to do for others what was done for him twice when he crash-landed planes in Vietnam. This adventure leads him to find something he lost long ago while on the battlefields of Vietnam.