A Modern Southern Fiction Novel

The last thing Jack Hartman should’ve done was leave the beautiful Gulf Coast and move to the Mississippi Delta. Despite his uncle’s warnings that he is being foolish and idealistic, Jack blames himself, because he hired Blues Singer Cici Cannon and she has met with near tragedy. Subsequently, Jack also loses the love of hislife, Acey Kimmons because she believes Jack and Cici are having an affair.Tallahatchie

Frustrated with the family business and his loss of Acey, Jack gives up everything and moves to the Mississippi Delta to take a job as a factory manager in order to help Cici recover. Only after his arrival does he begin to understand his uncle’s warnings. Southern Fiction and dark comedy at its finest, Tallahatchie, is aptly described as a “modern southern gothic,” story about a colorful group of rural southerners and Jack’s attempt to save the failing furniture factory where they work.

With a cast of characters that become as real as they are quirky, author Rick DeStefanis weaves a tale that is as incredibly hilarious as it is tragic. In the spirit of many southern writers, he remains true to his roots, yet he pulls no punches. Tallahatchie is guaranteed to entertain, shock and expose readers to a reality that is known only in the American South. Read this story and learn how the next generation of characters from those that populated the worlds of Caldwell, Faulkner and other southern writers segue into the 21st Century.

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