Raeford’s MVP – Military Fiction and a romantic love story

A Military Fiction Story about Love, War and Redemption

Military Fiction Raeford's MVP

Raeford’s MVP is military fiction and a dramatic love story that will make you laugh and cry at the same time. The Word Hunter-Rick DeStefanis-takes his readers on a special journey with Sergeant Billy Coker from his last thirty days in Vietnam, back home to America. A military fiction story by turns deadly serious and side-splittingly funny, Raeford’s MVP introduces readers to the post-Vietnam world of a nineteen-year-old paratrooper who must find life after war.

With his carefree and innocent time at Raeford High still fresh in his mind, Coker spends his last days in Nam reflecting on those years and realizes that his obsession with girls was what caused him to end up there. Billy must now pay the price for those wasted years. With no direction, living day-to-day and with no vision of the future, he attempts to make sense of the horrors of battle and the guilt of surviving. Fighting, loving, and wandering across the country after his tour of duty, he sees only a meaningless life where no one seems to understand his terrible experiences in the jungles of Southeast Asia.

Plagued by post-traumatic stress and psychological impotence, Billy begins a search to find himself as well as some old buddies and someone special he lost along the way. He embarks on an adventurous journey as he seeks old friends and a meaningful future, only to reach the bottom as he contemplates ending his life.

Raeford’s MVP, is a departure from Rick DeStefanis’s first two war novels. Although the first six chapters take place in Vietnam, the focus of this story is a young veteran’s journey toward recovery from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is a story of love, war, and recovery as DeStefanis again takes what could be a mundane subject and infuses it with humor and tenderness, producing another of his “page-turner” Vietnam War stories. Military fiction at its best, Raeford’s MVP has been reviewed and recommended by veterans from privates to generals, as it delves deeply into the world of PTSD in such a way that readers find tears and laughter on the same page. Read it. You will be rewarded.

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