The Ghost II: Specter of Betrayal

Soldier in brush with kbar knife

He’s driven to return for a second tour of duty. A conspiracy could mean he’ll leave in a body bag. Central Highlands, Vietnam, 1970. Martin Shadows has unfinished business in the jungle.

It is no surprise to his Lakota father and grandfather when he announces his return to Vietnam because the young army officer is drawn by the plight of the Montagnard people and the striking parallels of their beliefs with his Lakota-Sioux heritage. But when he’s assigned to an ARVN firebase as an advisor, the thoughtful officer is horrified to find the native people he loves are about to be attacked by a corrupt Vietnamese colonel.

Hoping to rescue the Montagnard after they flee into the highlands, Shadows leads a team to find and take them to an American facility. But when a rogue CIA operative working with the colonel orders an airstrike on his LRRP unit, the stoic soldier fears none of them will escape the alleged friendly fire alive. Not knowing whom to trust and with a major NVA offensive underway, will Shadows survive long enough to bring a killer to justice?

Specter of Betrayal is the electrifying sequel to The Ghost and is part of The Vietnam War Series. If you like quietly strong heroes, authentic historical details, and military accuracy, then you’ll love Rick DeStefanis’s searing tale.

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