Rawlins into Montana

Rawlins into Montana book cover

Book #2 of The Rawlins Series: Rawlins, into Montana is the continuing saga of Virgil Rawlins as he is determined to find a place where his family can escape the continuing lawlessness and strife in post-Civil War Missouri.

Departing Council Bluffs, Iowa with a large herd of cattle and leading a wagon train with twenty other families, Rawlins takes his family out on the Oregon Trail. While the emigrant families are bound for the gold fields of southwestern Montana, Rawlins is going to a place his old friend, mountain man Jack Briggs, has told him about. Far up the Yellowstone River and nestled deep in the Rocky Mountains, it is called Paradise Valley.

This is where Rawlins hopes to settle, but he must first cross three mountain passes and well over a thousand miles of rugged trail. Despite well-laid plans, Rawlins finds himself facing rustlers and hostile Indians as his planned trek of a few months becomes a year long journey.