Rawlins into Montana

Rawlins, Into Montana, the second book of The Rawlins Trilogy, continues the saga of Virgil and Sarah Rawlins. Former Confederate soldier Virgil and his intrepid wife Sarah are deeper in love than ever, but the path before them is far from smooth.

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Determined to escape the continuing lawlessness and strife in post-Civil War Missouri, they take up the task of leading a wagon train of twenty families along the perilous Oregon Trail, westward to Idaho and northward into the Montana Territory.

While the other emigrant families are bound for the gold fields of southwestern Montana, Rawlins is traveling to a place his old friend, mountain man Jack Briggs, has told him about. Paradise Valley, nestled deep in the Rockies, seems more dream than reality. Yet, even after crossing three mountain passes and over a thousand miles of rugged western trails, Rawlins and Sarah find this remote and seemingly peaceful spot presents multiple challenges.

Paradise Valley is a place of wonders—and dangers. Just when it appears that Sarah and Virgil have found their heaven on earth, one brutal afternoon threatens to destroy everything they’ve fought for. Will they be able to protect their growing family, or will they lose it all?

Pick up your copy of Rawlins, Into Montana now and get swept up in this epic historical saga that readers have called “an American western version of Homer’s Odyssey” and “a stirring account of valor in the face of overwhelming odds.” 

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