Rawlins Last Ride Into Montana

cowboy rides into sunset

Virgil and Sarah Rawlins plan to make Paradise Valley in the Montana Territory their permanent home, but first they must travel back East — Sarah for a hopeful reconciliation with her family and Rawlins for one final goodbye at the graves of his. Travel with them by kneelboat down the Yellowstone to the Missouri River, and by steamer to Council Bluffs, Iowa. From there they ride the early rails to Saint Louis, Memphis, and Nashville. Their trip becomes an action-packed adventure as Rawlins soon learns his days riding with the Confederate cavalry and later working with the Union Pacific Railroad as a policeman have developed into legend. Once again, he wears his twin-rig revolvers and is forced to use them as he meets trouble head-on in his quest to protect his family and others. Once again, he must become a man riding a narrow trail between self-preservation and the law.

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