The Philosophy of Big Buck Hunting

How to take mature whitetail bucks under the toughest conditions: heavily hunted public and timber lease lands.

ThePhilosophyOfBigBuckHuntingCoverThere has been nothing new written about Whitetail deer hunting in the last ten years. The Philosophy of Big Buck Hunting is not a lengthy tell-all book on every facet of deer hunting. Rather, it is a concise compilation of the knowledge and tactics necessary to take pressured trophy bucks on public and timber lease lands. While writing The Philosophy of Big Buck Hunting, author Rick DeStefanis trimmed away all the unnecessary clutter and fluff that fills most deer hunting books to create a clear presentation and distillation of the things that really matter.

Experienced and novice hunters alike will find this book takes their whitetail deer hunting skills to new levels. So, get out of that shooting house, get away from that food plot, and go down into the woods. Walk the beaver dams through the swamps, thread the new growth of clear-cuts, learn what really matters and how to take big bucks consistently. Read The Philosophy of Big Buck Hunting and learn how to think like a big buck hunter.

Rick DeStefanis began hunting when he was nine years old with a 32 lb. Bear recurve and a handful of mismatched cedar arrows. He has well over fifty years of hunting experience, mostly on public and timber lease lands in northern Mississippi where he now lives. Although nearly sixty-five years old, Rick still hunts with bow, rifle and camera, but admittedly shoots more with the camera now days. A few of  his many deer and other wildlife photographs are featured on his photo page.

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Some of Rick DeStefanis's Big Bucks Taken on Public Land

Some of Rick DeStefanis’s Big Bucks Taken on Public Land

Independent review by renowned Canadian hunter Othmar Vohringer:


We all dream of hunting big bucks but some of us don’t know how to hunt old mossy horns while others, hunting on public land, believe that there are no big bucks where they hunt. Well I’ve got good news for you.

Rick DeStefanis, a veteran public land big buck hunter of many years, is the author of a new book, The Philosophy of Big Buck Hunting.

After reading the book from cover to cover there was no doubt in my mind that this IS the book many hunters have been waiting for. The Philosophy of Big Buck Hunting is not your run of the mill book written by some celebrity hunter having the good fortune to hunt on managed land or go on guided trips to prime whitetail destinations. No, Rick does his whitetail deer hunting where ninety-five percent of all hunters hunt: on heavily pressured public land.

The wealth of knowledge Rick gathered in over fifty years of hunting pressured big bucks is represented in a book that is written in a language everyone can comprehend and without the usual hype common to other “big buck hunting books.”

The Philosophy of Big Buck Hunting contains 4 chapters, six key principles and over forty tips on hunting big bucks. It starts with the most important information every aspiring big buck hunter needs to know: “How a trophy whitetail hunter thinks.” If you want to hunt big bucks the road to success starts with you, not with what camouflage you wear, what scent you use or what rifle caliber you shoot. Trophy whitetail hunting is about a change in hunting philosophy and Rick does a great job of explaining what it takes to acquire the mindset of a trophy hunter.
(Review excerpt © Othmar Vohringer. Visit Vohringer’s blog to read the full review.)

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Taken on Corps of Engineer Public Hunting Land

Taken on Corps of Engineer Public Hunting Land

Whitetail Deer Hunting at its finest

Whitetail Deer Hunting at its finest


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