The $200 Dollar Jeans

Jeans for the Hollywood Elite

I put on my old jeans the other day to go out and work in the yard. As I headed for the door the wife said, “You aren’t going to wear those outside are you?”
“Yeah,” I said, “Why?”
“They look horrible!”
“Who cares?” I said.
“The neighbors might see you.”
I stopped, looked at her and sighed.

“They’re covered with paint, and the knees are ripped,” she added.
“Honey,” I said. “Do you know there are people in San Francisco and Los Angeles who pay hundreds of dollars for jeans like these?”
She rolled her eyes and we lived happily ever after.

I have joined the Hollywood elite. I now wear $200 dollar jeans.




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2 thoughts on “The $200 Dollar Jeans

  1. If they begin to shred, let me know and I’ll boro sew patches on them for you. Very high end. 🙂 And I brought your latest book on my journeys with me so I can remind my memory of why it was so good and write a review. But I see it in my mind’s eye on the bedside table at the beach or New Orleans . . . I promise I will do it.

    • Ellen,
      You are so sweet. Thank you. They are already shredding, but me thinks that shredding may be much more “high end.” At least they are cooler in August. And, yes, coming from an author like you, I do await your comments with anticipation. Love, Rick D.

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