Dying Young and Famous

I didn’t die young and famous, and dying old in obscurity is okay, but I need to find readers for my books.

May, 2014: Quote of the day: I’d rather live long in obscurity than die young with fame -Rick DeStefanis

I damned near achieved the latter (dying young) several times in my earlier years. However, after surviving motorcycle wrecks, a car wreck, a train wreck, a helicopter crash, gunshot wounds, a stabbing and several other such scrapes with eternity, I now seemed destined to achieve the former (dying in obscurity). Actually, the “obscurity” part wouldn’t be so bothersome if I could only find more readers for my books. That, however, seems a conflict of principles. One must achieve readership to sell books. That means seeking fame, at least for the books. Therefore, I must work harder to achieve notice and become famous with my readers.

I have to admit to achieving some success in as much as some sticky-fingered little thief in Great Britain has pirated my novel The Gomorrah Principle and is selling PDF copies for profit. He/She/They probably grew up stealing from their mother’s purse and will find sooner or later that Karma can be a real bitch. That, at least, is my wish. So, the question arises, how can I do both, that is live long and gain some fame? Don’t get me wrong. Fame is a fools game if it doesn’t help you improve your position in life. I care not that someone knows me when I pass on the street. I only want them, when they see my name, to say, “I like his books.” And that, my dear reader, puts the ball squarely in your court: what do you suggest?

Flash Fiction Stories Three

Four Novels by Rick DeStefanis

The Gomorrah Principle by Rick DeStefanis book cover image.

How can I get more people to read The Gomorrah Principle, Melody Hill, Raeford’s MVP, and Tallahatchie and to tell others about them? Send me your comments, ideas, and suggestions.

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