Tallahatchie Cover Reveal – Poof! It’s here.

Tallahatchie the Novel

Okay, my dear friends, according to all the book marketing gurus, this is where I was supposed to have a big online “cover reveal,” slowly peeling back slide-after-slide until you see the complete image of the cover for my upcoming new Southern fiction novel, Tallahatchie. Sorry. I put all the drama in my books. Here it is.

This is an actual rendering of a highway and railroad bridge over the Tallahatchie River. And for those of you so observant as to recognize that it’s not the one in Tallahatchie County bridge, don’t get too stressed. It’s actually the one crossing the Tallahatchie River in Lafayette County. Hopefully, you will forgive the artistic license that my cover designer, Todd Hebertson, www.bookcoverart.webs.com/ and I took. Besides, I like it.

TallahatchieSo, anyway, with a little luck, I’ll have this novel ready for you to take to the beach, mountains or wherever you go on vacation this summer. It is a substantial departure from my military fiction. The first book of my Southern Fiction series, this story takes you on a journey to a part of the modern rural South that many of you may recognize. It takes place in the Mississippi Delta near Clarksdale, in the fictional town of Tallahatchie, Mississippi during the late 1990s.

As you many of you know, Tallahatchie County is well known and has a somewhat notorious reputation. Please understand that the novel does not delve into the dark past, but into the present and the lives of some who live there now.

If you want to know when the novel is actually published, you can go to my website at Rick DeStefanis – The Word Hunter and signup for the free flash fiction giveaways. This way I can let you know when the book is out. And, oh by the way, the first chapter of Tallahatchie is included with the free flash fiction giveaway.

Please send me your comments. Do you like the cover?

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