Eagles, Bluebirds and Opposums

Eagles, Bluebirds and Opossums….and thanks to my friends

I went out with the camera the other day and got these shots. The American Eagle population at Beaver Dam Lake seems to be expanding. They were sort of going everywhichaway (which is southern-speak for “flying all about”), and it was difficult to do an accurate census, but it looked like there may be as many as three nesting pairs of American Bald Eagles this year. My friend Ted Spence and I did a quick stop on the way to the fishing hole and took a few pictures.

Fly By Beaver Dam Lake

Eagle at Beaver Dam Lake

The Blue Birds are nesting in my wife’s new bird house. That shot was taken in the front yard. The lab is my dog Blondie. He caught up with the opossum out by the barn the other day. I rescued the opossum and let him go in the woods.

Female Bluebird feeding her brood.

I want to thank my many readers and friends for their support with my writing addiction. I will be coming out with my fifth novel in a couple months. Valley of The Purple Hearts is the fourth in my Vietnam War Series. Several key players have contributed their time and efforts, and provided me with considerable feedback during the process. Eagles in their own right, Chris Davis, Ellen Morris Prewitt and Margaret Yates have all provided me with ideas, suggestions and corrections through their Beta-Reads. Thanks to you all.
Special thanks also goes to Carol Carlson, a friend since early childhood, who did an extensive story edit on the manuscript and confirmed much of what I heard from Chris, Ellen and Margaret. She put in more than a few hours and produced a detailed feedback document. If you are an experienced writer, I strongly recommend her services.
I will likely submit the manuscript to the line-editor Elisabeth Hallett in the next week or two. Meanwhile, if anyone reading this blog post is interested in receiving the electronic manuscript file of the novel in exchange for a written review that you will have ready to post on Amazon and Goodreads the day of publication, let me know. Read more about it at Valley of the Purple Hearts  I will send you the PDF file now, and when the book is published, a signed paperback copy.

Blondie meets his first opossum.








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