Blondie Prefers Evan Williams

Blondie, A Dog Who Knows Fine Bourbon

Some of you may not know that I have a new Lab puppy. His name is Blondie. He is a very intelligent and inquisitive little critter who is open to trying new things. This I learned the other evening while on the back of the place burning brush. While tending the fire, I set my glass of Bourbon on a five gallon bucket on the hill.

My Evan Williams Prior to the Dog Attack

My Evan Williams Prior to the Attack

Blondie who had grown bored with chasing crickets and toads, found my glass of Evan Williams and helped himself. What he didn’t slurp out, he turned over and drank off the bucket.

“No problem,” I figured. He didn’t appear to have gotten too much, so I wasn’t overly concerned. A few minutes later he trotted back up toward the house, and it wasn’t long before I heard a commotion. He was barking and growling. I thought about the cats and realized he was probably terrorizing them, chasing them around the deck. The cats barely tolerate him as it is, so I hurried up to the house to save them.

When I arrived the cats were lined up on top of the deck rail–all five of them, Doctor Claw, Zoie, Harry, Butter Cup, and Zero staring down at my ferocious little lush with more disdain than fear. They didn’t need my help. He was lying on his back, all four paws in the air, growling and barking at them. Figuring he had embarrassed himself enough, I took him inside and let him sleep it off on the couch.

I’m sure Bourbon isn’t good for a dog and fortunate he didn’t get more. Next time I reckon I’ll put my Evan Williams on a fence post.

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Blondie-My Evan Williams after the attack.

Blondie Raiding My Evan Williams

Evan Strikes Back

Evan Strikes Back










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2 thoughts on “Blondie Prefers Evan Williams

  1. Forgot about this but it was funny all over again when read it. He’s grown a bunch since this picture and is a great dog.

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