Melody Hill the Novel

Melody Hill, a War Novel, an Espionage Thriller

and a Love Story

Melody Hill, the prequel to the award-winning novel The Gomorrah Principle is now available in both paperback and Kindle editions at You may also contact the author, Rick DeStefanis here to purchase a personally signed paperback copy.

Melody Hill Cover Designed by Todd Herbertson

Melody Hill Cover Designed by Todd Hebertson


Melody Hill is the story of Duff Coleridge, a boy from the hills of Tennessee who makes the hard decision to enter the military in order to help support his family. A natural warrior, Duff quickly works his way into a Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol unit and is later recruited into a Special Operations Group. Only after he arrives does he realize his group is under the control of an arbitrary and ruthless CIA agent. When he discovers the rogue agent is involved in drug running and arms sales, Duff must rely on his instincts in order to survive the conflict with his boss.

Melody Hill is a military thriller that exceeds its genre classification with strong elements of espionage and romance. It is the first book in The Gomorrah Principle Series, but as several reviewers have indicated, can be read either before or after Book #2, The Gomorrah Principle.

Here is a review by Robert Enzenauer: 5.0 out of 5 starsA book for EVERYONE who wants to understand his veteran FATHER or FRIENDBy Robert Enzenauer, March 15, 2016

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I have now read ALL of DeStefanis’ three novels. And I love them all. MELODY HILL and THE GOMORRAH PRINCIPLE both stand alone, so the reader can read either one first. DeStefanis has written now three Vietnam-era books of fiction that are on par with the best of James Webb, del Vecchio, Tim O’Brien, and Josiah Bunting. His descriptive writing is so realistic, the reader knows and feels that the author is a veteran “who has been there.” I myself was commissioned after the War in Vietnam was just over, but DeStefanis’ story rings true with the many stories I heard from friends and veterans just a little older than me, stories of corruption of Vietnam’s puppet government and the CIA and the US military often caught in the middle. The author’s description of combat are vivid, and his writing is so descriptive that the reader can feel and smell the muck at the bottom of the ever-present rice paddies. I am so glad that this author chose to become an author. The current group of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans will appreciate the honest and accurate story-telling of this author.

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