Silver Medal Readers’ Favorite Award

The Gomorrah Principle wins the Silver Medal Readers’ Favorite Award

The Gomorrah Principle has won the Silver Medal Readers’ Favorite Award for Military Fiction. This prestigious international award holds particularly strong meaning for authors because it comes, not from the writers’ community, nor from a commercial entity, but from you the readers-in my humble opinion: those who matter most. My deepest appreciation and thanks go out to the Readers’ Favorite Award organization and to you the readers for this award. It is an honor, and one that I will cherish.Reader' Favorite

If you have read The Gomorrah Principle and wish to leave your personal comments on Facebook, Amazon or GoodReads they are always welcome. As a matter of fact, your positive comments and reviews help with sales, and as with starving artists….starving writers need love as well.

The Gomorrah Principle by Rick DeStefanis book cover image.

And now available are three more novels by yours truly, Rick DeStefanis books, including Melody Hill (the prequel to The Gomorrah Principle), Raeford’s MVP and Tallahatchie, a new novel to begin my Southern Fiction Series. Check them out. I don’t believe you will be disappointed. As always I enjoy hearing from my readers. Got to the blog page and leave your comments, or ask questions. I will do my best to provide you with a personal response.

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