The Gomorrah Princple: Writer’s Digest Book Awards

The Gomorrah Principle: Judge’s commentary from the Writer’s Digest Book Awards

It is always good for the writer’s heart and soul to receive positive commentary, whether it be from readers or professional sources. Below is such a commentary from a judge representing the Writer’s Digest Book Awards. If you’ve read The Gomorrah Principle, send your comments as well, or better yet, post your review on Amazon, and GoodReads or the retailer’s site of your choice. Meanwhile, back at the ranch: The prequel to The Gomorrah Principle is Melody Hill. Already receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews, this story begins in the fictional east Tennessee town of Melody Hill and tells the story of Duff Coleridge. If you have already read The Gomorrah Principle, fret not. You will not be disappointed. As several reviewers have written, either book can be read first.

Additionally, out in February of 2016, Raeford’s MVP is somewhat of a departure from the military fiction thriller genre inasmuch as it delves more into a veteran’s life after Vietnam. Only the first six chapters actually take place there, with the bulk of the story devoted to combat veteran Billy Coker’s journey as he searches for meaning in his life after the Vietnam War. Raeford’s MVP is a love story, a war story and a story of redemption all rolled into one. It’s guaranteed not to disappoint.

Here are the comments from the Writer’s Digest Book Awards:

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The Gomorrah Principle, a Vietnam Sniper’s Story, by Rick DeStefanis is a riveting tale written with the skill and precision that is necessary for the topic. Anyone who has ever served the country will appreciate the deft hand and heart, combined with the hard, cold reality of how war affects the human soul. The opening scene gives readers an inside look at the conflicting emotions of the main character. In this genre blend, DeStefanis proves that he is a force to be reckoned with in the literary world. There are no glaring technical errors that would pull the reader out of the story. The plot is well crafted, and the pacing is spot-on…. Once people read it, I think word of mouth will make DeStefanis a must-read for anyone who enjoys recent history, war stories, mysteries, and romance.

-Judge, 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

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    • Thanks, Randy. I appreciate your comment. I tried to take The Gomorrah Principle well beyond the average thriller with multi-dimensional characters and a plot lines that included love, espionage and mystery. Glad you enjoyed it. Melody Hill, the prequel to The Gomorrah Principle, is coming out in a couple weeks. It is essentially Duff’s story. I look forward to your comments on that one as well.

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