A New Cover Design for The Gomorrah Principle

Four novels are now available from Rick DeStefanis Books including The Gomorrah Principle with a new cover.

Book Logo (Small)The Gomorrah Principle has a new cover design. After several fellow authors suggested the change, I outfitted this award-winning novel with a new look. Please check it out at Rick DeStefanis – The Word Hunter and send me your comments. Additionally, the soon to be published (now published) prequel to The Gomorrah Principle has now been given a title and cover as well. The cover for Melody Hill can also be viewed on the website. My sincerest thanks and

appreciation go to cover designer Todd Hebertson. His work is fantastic, as well as reasonably priced. You can view many of his previous cover designs at: www.BookCoverArt.webs.com and contacted him at: MyPersonalArtist@hotmail.com.

And if you missed it, Raeford’s MVP came out in February 2016. This one will make you laugh and cry at the same moment as you follow nineteen-year-old Mississippi boy, who finds himself in charge of an

A novel about love, war and redemption.

A novel about love, war and redemption.

airborne infantry squad in Vietnam. Travel with Billy as he searches for meaning in his life after the horrific experience of combat in Vietnam.

Rick DeStefanis books now offers four novels, including The Gomorrah Principle, Melody Hill, Raeford’s MVP and the newest Tallahatchie. Tallahatchie will be a departure from the previous military fiction themed novels. It will be the first in the new Southern Fiction Series. As always, your review of any of my books posted on Amazon, GoodReads or the retailer website of your choice is very much appreciated. Also feel free to send your comments to me directly via the blog page on this site.

All these books along with the corresponding e-book Kindle editions are now available at Amazon. Check them out. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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