Surviving Morning Television

Down With TV Screamers!!

I actually got up this morning, fixed coffee for myself and my wife then sat in my chair at the kitchen table. A normal part of this ritual is to turn on the TV and listen to the morning news, but I didn’t—not today, and maybe not tomorrow. No, I won’t humor you by saying “never again, but it was nice—nice to sit in blissful silence—no car salesmen screaming across their car lots about how “everything must go,” no politicians whining about how their right to screw the public is being infringed upon, no crime reports and body-counts from the big cities, no screaming idiots with British accents trying to sell me the latest oxy-gadget—just blissful silence.

Zero the cat peering through the kitchen window

Zero the cat peering through the kitchen window

I drank my coffee, and we talked about the cat in the window, the birds out on the feeder, the weather, anything we wanted, but there were no screamers and no “idiot box” interrupting our conversation. It was an almost euphoric experience. This morning I had conversations with my wife, God, the cat, the dog—hell, I even talked to myself some. The entire planet may come unhinged in the next few hours, but I won’t know it, because I’m going to meditate and rest my few remaining brain cells away from the cacophony of screamers. No doubt, ignorance is indeed true bliss—at least in the short run. And for the rest of the day I’m going to enjoy it. I’m going to blissfully relax, work on my latest novel, feed the pets, anything but think about the outside world.

 A House Finch in the back yard.

A House Finch in the back yard.

As for this evening, well, I reckon ‘Maverick’ will re-engage. I’ll return to the fray. As a matter of fact, I’m going to start a list. I’m going to write down the company name, organization or cause that each and every screamer represents, and when it is time to buy, vote or whatever, I’m going to avoid them. They—their company, organization, whatever—will become my last choice, my last resort after I’ve visited all other possibilities. I believe we should start a movement, ban together and keep our lists without naming the offenders publicly, because that is the goal of their screaming campaigns—to draw our attention, no matter how caustic their method, so that their names become embedded in our minds. I say, “Let’s help them out.” Write down their names, and when you go to shop for a car or new furniture, or to vote or whatever, make a point of avoiding them. I’m giving my nod to the ones who respect my peace and quiet, speak softly and never ruin my morning coffee.

What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Surviving Morning Television

  1. Be careful ‘Maverick’……it is addictive.

    It is hard for me to sit and watch TV now days. I do try to keep up with news with CNN and FOX updates on my emails but I find that far less intrusive.
    I enjoyed your thoughts, hope you enjoyed your day!!!

    • Carol dear, I am afraid “Maverick’ has already succumbed to the dark side (don’t you just love it: Top Gun, Star Wars, all rolled into one). I watch almost daily to see which idiot is going say something stupid, or which “authoritative” voice from some Hollywood flake is going to tell me his or her alternative version of reality. Thanks for the reply, and I will try to reduce my addictive behavior. 🙂

  2. Rick you continue to add a perspective to the world which helps me tune out the static over the airwaves. I have three of your books on bookshelf waiting. I find the morning to be the best time to accompany you on your literary journey. Buddy

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