Cover Design/Update Book #2, Rawlins, Into Montana

Presenting the Cover for Rawlins, Into Montana

One of the mantras of novel marketing gurus is that all your book covers should be similar in style to those of others in your genre, but they should also be quickly recognizable by your readers as uniquely yours. Well, sorry ’bout that, folks!! I never have liked running with the crowd, and with a name like ‘DeStefanis’, I believe ‘author recognition’ isn’t necessarily an issue….just sayin’. So, about Rawlins, Into Montana:

My friend, and cover designer, Todd Hebertson ( and I go for two things: covers that standout and covers that are unique. His new cover design for Rawlins, Into Montana fits both of these requirements.Rawlins into Montana book cover The woman standing in the door of the cabin with a model 1866 Winchester, along with the Absaroka Mountains and the big Montana Sky in the background presents a magnificent image, and the approaching warriors should pique any reader’s curiosity. I am always astounded by Todd’s work and would truly like to hear your comments as well.

The manuscript for Rawlins, Into Montana is now in the hands of Beta-Readers. Once I receive their feedback, I will edit it one more time before sending a final copy to the editor for the finishing touches. The book should be published in Kindle, paperback and hardcover editions sometime in June. I will let you know when that happens.

For now, the story summary can be read on this site at AND, if you have already read Book #1, Rawlins, No Longer Young and haven’t posted your review on Amazon, I truly wish you would. It’s easy. Go to The book currently has only fourteen reviews. Amazon’s marketing algorithms will not even recognize a book until it has at least twenty-five reviews and they really don’t do much till the number of reviews reaches one-hundred.

Kindle Edition of Tallahatchie .99 Cents NOW 4 DAYS ONLY

Special Notification for My Friends Only

This is the new cover for the Tallahatchie 2nd Edition

The Kindle Edition of my southern novel Tallahatchie is on sale for the almost giveaway price of $ .99 cents NOW for four days only, MARCH 14 through the 17th. I promise you will laugh, and maybe even cry a little while reading this story which takes a look into the modern world of rural southerners in the Mississippi Delta.

Have you ever wondered what happened to the progeny of Faulkner’s or O’conners, or perhaps Callwell’s characters? This book may answer that question for you. Read it. It’s available on Amazon.

And if you like it, go back and write a review. Tell others why they might like it as well.

Hardcovers Editions of Tallahatchie and Rawlins, No Longer Young

Novel Bookstore in Memphis, DeSoto Arts Council Gallery, or Contact me to find the new hardcover editions. Paperback editions can be ordered through your favorite bookstore and Kindle editions can be found at

This is the new cover for the Tallahatchie 2nd Edition.

Rawlins, No Longer hardcover edition.

Novel Bookstore, located at 387 Perkins Avenue-extended in Memphis, now has available hardcover editions of Tallahatchie and Rawlins, No Longer Young. The 2nd Edition of Tallahatchie not only has the new hardcover but some interior changes as well. These hardcovers are also available at the DeSoto Arts Council Gallery, in Hernando, Mississippi. And, not to worry, if you do not live in the Memphis area and wish to get the hardcover, send a note to me via this website link: Tell me what you want and I will do my best to get it to you.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: I am up to manuscript page #102 on the second Rawlins Series book: Rawlins, Into Montana. I am writing almost every day, and it is flowing well. Stay tuned. I may actually beat my fall delivery goal—hopefully by a bunch. And with that said…..

I will begin writing Book #5 in my Vietnam War Series sometime late this summer or early fall. I don’t want to give away the story too soon, but it will be a different group of men in this one, but that’s all I’ll say for now.

And then there’s this: I may soon run a Kindle count-down deal on the Kindle editions of Tallahatchie and Melody Hill. If you own an ereader device and want one of these for—not sure yet, but no more than $ .99 cents—watch my blog posts. It will be in the next week or so.